Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On how NOT to get a job or Impossible is Nothing...

I have copied below the story of Aleksey Vayner's infamous video attachment to his job application to UBS. As one of the commentators put it, he is a "perfect" investment banker! I like Michael Cera's parody of it -you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAV0sxwx9rY

In October 2006, Yale University student Aleksey Vayner applied for a job with UBS AG. Amused by Vayner's apparent puffery, an unknown member of UBS staff emailed his application materials to other investment banks. They were soon posted on various blogs, then YouTube, from where they became an immense viral Internet phenomenon.

The video opens with a staged interview between Vayner and an offscreen voice(believed to be his own). However, the "interview" ultimately consists of a single question, to which Vayner gives a lengthy, rambling response. Using considerable amounts of business-speak jargon, Vayner praises himself and shares his various insights on success, talent, and overcoming adversity. Interspliced with the interview we see clips of Vayner performing various feats designed to look impressive, including bench pressing, skiing, playing tennis, ballroom dancing, and finally karate-chopping a stack of bricks. The video ends with a dedication, and a fairly lengthy credits sequence.

With his name and image appearing on the "Today" show, in The New York Post and all over the Web site Gawker, Aleksey Vayner may be the most famous investment-banking job applicant in recent memory.

But he says his new celebrity is less blessing than curse.

"This has been an extremely stressful time," Mr. Vayner, a senior at Yale University, told DealBook over steak in a northern New Jersey restaurant Thursday.

It was his first face-to-face meeting with a reporter since an 11-page application and elaborate video clip that he submitted to securities firm UBS showed up on two blogs, and then quickly spread to every corner of the Internet. The clip, staged to look like a job interview spliced with shots of Mr. Vayner's athletic prowess, flooded e-mail inboxes across Wall Street and eventually appeared on the video-sharing site YouTube. And the overwhelming reaction was mocking laughter.

By the way, he is apparently originally from Uzbekistan!


Anonymous said...

poor guy. did he ever get a job? lol

botirvoy said...

Dealbreaker writes he was interviewing for a fund about a year ago...

Anonymous said...

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